General Overview


Canadians are unabashedly proud of the country's plentiful resources and natural beauty. Natural Resources Television is geared to provide the Canadian public, from all walks of life and station, to better understand the heartbeat of the natural resources sector in Canada and the hundreds of thousands of individual lives and businesses operating in this vital and vibrant segment of Canada .


Natural Resources Television is “The Window” to an industry, its peoples and its players.


Canadians are inherently resourceful…it's only natural that ALL Canadians should have greater access to National, Provincial and Territorial events and information to better protect and promote Canada's natural wealth and prosperity today and for future generations to come.



Mission Statement


IDNR-TV will deliver insightful content about the extent of Canada 's resources and about the preservation and management of this rich bounty that has made Canada a significant world player in this area. IDNR-TV intends to celebrate, confirm and grow our reputation as a global leader in natural resources discovery and management.
It is easy to see that with the extent of our natural resources and our expertise in managing them, Canada will be a world leader far into the future.


IDNR-TV will also educate the general public, whose knowledge of this industry sector, so critical to Canada 's economic health, has historically come from mainstream media with mixed results at best.


IDNR-TV is uniquely positioned to partner with a group of industries who have a vested interest in telling their stories and a public constituency that comprises over half of Canada's population by delivering a compelling mix of sponsored programming supported by commercial advertising, online simulcasting, private educational training, broadcast entertainment and of course news and analysis.







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